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(Last Updated 11/5/16) Releasing an album is like taking a nest full of little baby birds that you’ve been carefully nurturing and setting them out into the world to fly. Some of them will grow into healthy, successful birds (“Moonshine”), some will surprise you with success (“Westward”) or disappoint with blasé response (“Save the World”), some will grow slowly into something beautiful (“Little Spoon”), some will take a while to catch on and then explode (“Grindstone”), and some will fall flat on their face and make you realize they never had much of a chance (sorry, “A Better Way”).

Okay, I think I’ve taken that metaphor as far as it can fly. Okay now I’m really done.

The point is that it’s immensely rewarding to discover that your little songs are out in the world being appreciated. One way to tell is if others have enjoyed them enough to make them part of their playlists, and thanks to the social media magic of Spotify, I’ve been able to locate some of these playlists. Turns out some of them are really good, and I figured that if you’re into my music enough to be reading this, you might also be interested in these playlists. Here are some of my favorites:

“Lets Go Hiking” by Elaine Schmidt

A super pleasant playlist that includes “Pick Up Your Horn” and “The Lampolier” alongside The Tallest Man On Earth, First Aid Kit, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Edward Sharpe

“Morning Coffee” by Frida Enea

This one plays in a popular Norwegian Cafe, so if you’ve ever wanted to start your day like a hip Scandinavian, look no further!

“Scottish Breakfast Music” by Timothy Lane

Tim from Santa Barbara is a world traveler with an amazing playlist including Bon Iver, Ben Howard, Sufjan Stevens, Jack’s Mannequin, and 3 songs from some guy named Grover Anderson

“Badass Banjo & Bluegrass Music” by Josh Coleman

I’m thrilled that “”Pick Up Your Horn” is in the company of such great indie- and alt- country music here.

“Sad…” by Kine Nikolaisen

This is a huuuuuuuge playlist of songs to play when you’re sad, and it’s extremely special to me because it’s the only playlist I’ve been able to find that includes “Grindstone”, which is one of my favorite songs on The Optimist.

“Morning Acoustics/Covers” by Amy Harren

A monster playlist with lots of lesser-known artists mixed in with some of the all-stars of pop music, this one includes 5 of my songs, including “Dancing Slow” and “When You Come Near”.


A huge thank you to everyone who is helping my modest little songs get out into the world 🙂

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