Forthcoming Single – “The Good”

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On August 17 my new single will be released to the world. “The Good” is an end of the world song about perspective, written under the presumption that the sky is literally going to fall someday, but it’s unlikely to be today. What if the tectonic plate you live on becomes an island and you’re separated? What if all your totems of love are destroyed? Aren’t you still all the better for the experience?

It can be heard everywhere music is digitally available, and you can make sure you hear it by clicking the follow button on Spotify, Apple Music, or anywhere else you can. I know that Spotify specifically will deliver the song to the “Release Radar” playlist of everyone who follows, so there’s a great way to make sure you get to hear it. Click below to follow now:

If you use Amazon Music, you can actually pre-order the song already here.

You can find me on Apple Music here, and then I think you have to take an extra step and click “Follow”. The song will also be available for purchase on iTunes.

Thanks, hope you enjoy it! All musicians who play on the track are based in Calaveras or Tuolumne counties, including Marshall Henry (electric guitar), Josh Certo (drums), Anthony Delaney (bass), and Austin Broder (fiddle)

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