Acoustic Album “From the Pink Room” Released

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I’m mighty excited to announce that my new acoustic album, From the Pink Room, is out now and available in all formats. I’ve posted all of the lyrics here on the site, but if you want to know a little more about the songs, here’s some information (also available as a one-page press release).

From The Pink Room

Grover Anderson releases a new acoustic album, From the Pink Room, featuring eight brand new songs and new takes on six previously released tracks.

Release Date: March 3 2017 • Press Contact:

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There is an awful lot of flexibility available to singer-songwriters. Playing a gig can mean bringing the whole band, a duo, or just setting up alone with a guitar. On Grover Anderson’s 2014 album, The Optimist, he brought together musicians to create fully fleshed-out songs, but at some of his solo shows in the time since, people have asked how they can take home the intimate, stripped-down music they had been hearing. With this in mind, Grover holed up in the back room of his house, the walls still bearing the pink stripes painted by the previous owner, and started recording.

The idea behind “Parallel” came to Grover shortly after meeting someone who had been in a relationship for seven years, with no idea whether this person was “the one.” When she expressed hope that she might eventually “talk herself into him,” the idea stuck in Grover’s mind until he sat down with his guitar a few days later.

“Natural Bridges” is both a tribute to a landmark in Grover’s native Calaveras County and a good-natured eye-roll towards bro-country songs about “cruising in your Chevy truck down to the river with a pretty little thing in painted on jeans.”

Emotionally exhausted from tragedies in both national news and his hometown, Grover found himself unable to sleep after an exchange with a mother who had lost her son in a car accident a few days earlier. Inspired by her remembrance of his joyous spirit, Grover wrote “For Goose” in an attempt at catharsis, hoping to mourn one less time.

Grover finished “Old Songs” in tribute to his hometown as the Butte Fire ravaged Calaveras County, while “Holes” tells of a love overcoming the struggles of addiction. “Evergreen” reimagines the search for a partner as a hike, “Willie Nelson” is the story of exes struggling through a breakup, and “Little Yellow Bus” was inspired by a random photo on Instagram. Along with rearranged versions of a song from each of Grover’s previous albums, From the Pink Room is rounded out by an acoustic cover of The Smiths’ classic, a foray into electronic music with a Bon Iver cover, and a remixed version of Grover’s original Christmas song, “The Best You Can”.

Album Artwork by Alexis Wagner • Produced by Grover Anderson • Mixed by Michael Clebanoff and Grover Anderson