Hermitfest 2016 Video

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The band and I had a blast at Hermitfest this year. Just on the other side of Mosquito Lake on Highway 4, there’s a valley where people gather every year for some high country music. This year we shared the stage with Bill Welles, Ten Dollar Pony, The Hot Dark, The Brothers Strong & Co, and Hick’ry Switch. After all the official music stopped, folks jammed all night. It’s one of my favorite festivals to play, and I’m already looking forward to next year.

Jimbo Scott joined us this year, which was awesome. He played with us on most of the songs my band played, and even graced us with his beautiful song “The Parklands”. Here’s some video taken by his lovely wife Marisa.  Playing in my band are Chris Stevens (guitar), Marshall Henry (bass) & Josh Certo (drums).  See you next year!

“Sick of You” – Grover Anderson & Band w/ Jimbo Scott

“The Parklands” – Jimbo Scott w/ Grover Anderson & Band

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