Hello friends! Welcome to the hub for all things related to music created and/or performed by Grover Anderson and his colleagues.  Here you can find a schedule of shows past and present (with video & setlists), hear music and read lyricswatch live performances, connect through Facebook and Twitter, and hopefully become fully acquainted with the music and the person behind it.
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I Am Proud

i am proud
My father, Jack, wrote “I Am Proud” thirty years ago in tribute to his father, Grover. It’s the song of a man who has few material possessions for all the years of work he’s done, but lives in satisfaction with his most important achievement, the family he’s helped raise and provide for. A master mechanic and Korea veteran, Grover spent the last fifteen years of his life in a wheelchair, crippled by adult-onset muscular dystrophy, but even as the strength left his hands he worked in his garage, making decorative signs for people’s homes. Grover passed away earlier this year, and my dad asked me to play this song he wrote at his memorial. I was honored to do so, and afterwards I decided to make a recording of it. So here it is…for Grover Anderson, music & lyrics by Jack Anderson, performed by Grover Anderson…”I Am Proud”
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Pandora, Press, & Trade

Howdy! Hope everyone’s summer is off to a great start. Here’s a couple quick updates about recent news:


Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 9.43.35 AM
Very excited to announce that The Optimist is now live on Pandora Internet Radio! It’s very exciting to be able to share my songs with people listening around the world. If you’d like listen to “Grover Anderson Radio”, here’s the link to do it! Also, if you’ve been listening to that station in the past, I’d be the first to admit it was a little underwhelming. Now with the new album added in it’s been revamped and is, dare I say, fantastic.

New Press

I also wanted to thank Richie DeMaria of the Santa Barbara Independent for the glowing things he wrote in promotion of my show in town last week. Here’s a link to the article. My favorite line: Though many musical men of late have trendily taken on the trappings of woodsmen, Anderson, hailing from the Sierra foothills, is the real deal — his country- and folk-inspired music has a homey warmth that can’t be faked.


I haven’t made too big a deal about this, but if you’re so inclined, The Optimist is also now available on NoiseTrade, which is a great option for people who like the music but prefer the “pay what you want” plan.

On 93.5 KKBN

Big Joe & Bridgette of the KKBN morning show were kind enough to have me in studio last week, and after some chatting I played a couple of songs.  Here’s the audio from my appearance.  Segment 1 includes “Little Spoon”, and I play a new song called “Evergreen” in Segment 2. Thanks for listening, and thanks to KKBN!

Front of House (Again!)

Mike Dawson (audio engineer and voice of The Adam Carolla Show) was kind enough to have me back in studio for Episode 52 of his Front of House podcast (iTunes link), and this time I was joined by my good friend and occasional collaborator Jimbo Scott! It was a total pleasure to talk songwriting, nature, singing harmony, and John Fogerty with Mike & Jimbo. Check out either of the links above, or click through the jump to stream it here. (Fair warning…the language is not family-friendly.) Continue Reading…

The Best You Can

Hello and Happy Holidays!snowman

I wanted to let you know about a Christmas song that I’ve released this week. It’s called “The Best You Can”, and it’s a retelling of the Nativity that highlights the aspects of the story that strike me as most beautiful. It’s currently available on iTunes, Spotify, and most other places you can hear music online.
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Little Spoon

IMG_0304**UPDATE—free download is expired, but feel free to purchase the song through the retailers mentioned below.** I really like giving away music for my birthday, so right now through September 13th you can snag yourself a song! Enjoy a free download of the final track off my latest album The Optimist, “Little Spoon”, by clicking here and choosing “Download” along the left side of the page.  If you like what you hear, you can purchase the album in its entirety on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play. Lyrics to the song are here.
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With The Band!

Somehow I’ve gone quite a while without capturing any video of the band, which is a shame. No more! Below are three videos from a recent gig in Arnold, CA, with Josh Certo on drums, Kevin Bernido on bass, and Chris Stevens on guitar. (See, it’s not all just “guy with acoustic guitar” music!)

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Videos From the Tetons

Tour has wrapped up, and there were many fun adventures shared, but two of my favorite were captured on video below. First, Jimbo and I played “Pick Up Your Horn” beneath the Grand Tetons. Then, we played “The Downside” about as close to a moose as you can safely be. Both videos are below, thanks to Katie Schluntz for filming (and working moose-lookout.) See you on the next tour!